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Release Date: July 13, 2007
01. Intro
02. Gai Bian Zi Ji [改变自己]
03. Luo Ye Gui Gen [落叶归根]
04. Chuang Zuo Qian Yan [创作前言]
05. Wo Men De Ge [我们的歌]
06. Ni Shi Wo Xin Nei De Yi Shou Ge [你是我心内的一首歌] ft. Selina [任家萱]
07. Ai Zai Na Li [爱在哪里]
08. Cockney Girl
09. Bu Wan Zheng De Xuan Lü [不完整的旋律]
10. Ai De Gu Li [爱的鼓励]
11. Hua Ren Wan Sui [华人万岁]
12. Xing Qi Liu De Shen Ye [星期六的深夜]

3rd track is a single which is a ballad. It starts with European style violin or those kind of instruments, giving it a more western feel but then continues off with Asian mood. It’s a good slow track.

Before going into Wo Men De Ge, there’s a prelude to prepare listeners to the next full song. He spinned some of his older tracks in the prelude with distortion as he speaks something like ” I want to make our song (he and somebody)”. It features a bit of rapping, yet he uses electric guitar like the one Santana does. Hip-hop style.

The next one is well, commercially successful with radio spins and such, sung together with Selina (SHE). It was a cover of an old song actually, though i don’t know whose. Apparently it’s his first time singing in Minan language.

Cockney Girl is a rather weird song, starting with this tribal kind of music, then the hip-hop rapping comes in as a female singer joins.

Hua Ren Wan Sui begins with western bass, as he raps. a pretty enjoyable track. definitely hip-hop influenced.

The last track is accompanied with piano. A pretty quiet song, calm and relaxing. A great track to end the record.

OVERALL: 8.5/10

He continues with great hip-hop tunes as he raps very well anyway, and also good ballads. He knows what he does best in music and explores them and uses them to the fullest. I prefer his album this time over Jay’s, honestly. Jay should stick with you know…those ballads he used to make last time, he’s great with those. As for Lee Hom, he’s a great singer. The album is worth buying for fans i’d say.