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Released on December 19, 2007, this is their 5th studio album.

  1. “voyager”
  2. “Hoshi no Tori” (星の鳥?)
  3. Mayday(メーデー?)
  4. “Sainoujin Ouenka” (才悩人応援歌?)
  5. PLANETARIUM(プラネタリウム?)
  6. supernova
  7. “HAMMER SONG to Itami no Tou” (ハンマーソングと痛みの塔?)
  8. “Jikuu Kakurenbo” (時空かくれんぼ?)
  9. “Kasabutabutabu” (かさぶたぶたぶ?)
  10. “Hana no Na” (花の名?)
  11. “Hitori Goto” (ひとりごと?)
  12. “Amedama no Uta” (飴玉の唄?)
  13. “Hoshi no Tori reprise” (星の鳥 reprise?)
  14. KARMA(カルマ?)
  15. “arrows”
  16. “Namida no Furusato” (涙のふるさと?)
  17. “flyby”

Mayday is electric guitar driven and is a midtempo track. It’s pretty fast and filled with energy as the lead kept on singing, nonstop really. There’s something with the lead’s vocals which kinda makes me cringe when i first listened to them, but i got used to it. It’s…different you know. Like it’s kinda ‘soft’ for a male singer. xD

Planetarium is one of their singles and it’s really good. Highly recommended. It’s more of a slower track with this relaxing feel. The whole pop/rock scene is toned down for this track, with light drums and easy guitars. The lead’s vocals as usual are great here.

supernova starts with light acoustic guitars as the lead opened slowly. Another laid back track with the ” la, la, la, hey, hey, hey and ooh…”. but i think the tracks a little bit too long for easy listening. It’s 6 minutes long. However, it picks up towards the end.

Kasabuta Batabu is a cute and fun song. You know…the melody reminds me of songs like Ai Otsuka might sing. Even the title is funny! The clapping works fine and it just sounds like a pretty childish song, but not too immature.

Hana no Na is a quiet track accompanied with acoustic guitar. Another long track up to 6 minutes. I figured that this band, when it comes to slow tracks, it takes longer xD There’s some sort of sadness in this song, yet it’s not grief. It’s just…it makes you feel nostalgic.

Karma is the opening for the video game, Tales of the Abyss. It’s a fast electric guitar driven from the start.

arrows is another quite track and slow. with the lead’s soft vocals, it feels pretty tranquil. And…i’m not surprised anymore when i see how long it is. I’ll let you guess it yourself. xD

Namida no Furusato
is another single from the record. begins with electric guitar solo. Midtempo. not bad actually.

flyby definitely got me. I was tricked with the slow acoustic and i thought it’s gonna be another slow one, until it bursts into the chorus, loud….i was *wow* As the last track, it’s really short. Just over a minute long. Too bad, I’d hoped that it’s a full length track but considering there are already 17 tracks in the record, it’s ok to cut it short.


the record does have a few strong tracks, especially the singles, while the slower tracks sound similar, with one or two actually nice to listen to after a rough day, just sitting down and relaxed. But they do sound pretty repetitive, a bit recycled to me.