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Min is played by Jun gi-Lee, a new rising Korean actor who followed his father to Kyoto, Japan. There he meets Nanae (Aoi Miyazaki), a local student where he studies. Despite having language barrier, they still manage to understand each other, although it’s a bit…*slow*. Seeing Aoi playing a normal student, without much makeup, like seriously i couldn’t recognize her at first! took me a while to get used to her present character. Coz in NANA movie before this, she’s much well adorned…if you know what i mean. And also, in NANA she was happy go lucky and gets over-excited easily, here…it’s like a 180 degree turn….here, she’s a more quiet person but kind all the same.

The Korean guy is convincing in his role, although this is the first time seeing him in a movie, for me, he definitely did his part very well. And he is kinda….cute too, jumping like a child outside the window to attract Nanae…that scene was funny. And racing with the monk! god….haha…

I learnt a Kyoto dialect way of saying Thank You…* ookini* xD
and *rain* in Korean is ” pii”. A lot of rain is ” Jangma” in Korean and “Tsuyu” in Japanese. “Haengbook” is happiness in Korean…well, basically u learn new stuffs in here…xD

Apparently, Nanae has some problems in her family which made her move suddenly and disappeared. Leaving Min alone, not understanding the reason she did it.

Overall: 7/10
Why? Because…the movie doesn’t really offer much except for maybe great soundtrack to make up for the lack of actions and pretty mundane storyline. I suppose i only liked the snowfall at the end of the movie which is pretty. To know the ending, watch it urself. Sorry to say that i won’t watch it for the second time though, and i did fast forward some scenes…which too longer than they should have to be filmed, some scenes are just unnecessary…



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