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Shindo tells the story of two people, a usual…anyway, Uta (Riko Narumi) is a gifted pianist, coming from a not so well-off family, her mother sort of forced her to play piano, for the sake of her future (apparently). And she met a senior of hers who is trying to get into college through piano audition, it’s a music school. But he’s not as good and Uta sort of helped him boost his confidence…and he finally got in.

Uta on the other hand, isn’t sure herself whether she really wants to continue playing despite her liking for piano and music. she supposedly likes to play on her own will…not being forced. Then she begins to suffer hearing loss…But before she lost it completely, she was given a chance of a lifetime to perform in place of a famous pianist with the orchestra.

The story is pretty slow but it showed trivial things that matter. Although i’d have preferred some scenes cut off. I’m not sure whether it’s to lengthen the movie…or whatever, but if i were the director, i’d have cut them of.

I am impressed though by the two leads’ talents in playing piano. I’m certain by now that Riko Narumi does know how to play coz in the last two movies, i’ve seen her play. And that senior, he’s good too! He’s the one acting as L in Death Note i think…correct me if i’m wrong but yeah…

OVERALL: 7.5/10

The soundtrack is good. Ripple song especially the piano version is really touching! Especially watching them both playing together during the ending montage…really nice…



With great reviews and responses…from forums and friends, i had huge expectations…

However…the ending kinda disappoint me. The storyline is a bit…of a lackluster for me, after having watched resident evil, this movie to me is just …not as good anymore. But what i liked in the movie is the relationship between him and his pet dog, which literally brought me to tears watching that touching scene.

But other than that, nothing else actually attracted me at all. Chemistry is near zero, except the one btw him and Sam(hisdog).

And i think he has one of the least lines in this movie. which is …kinda different if done the right way, but here, it’s just not as good. Will Smith saved the movie though, his superb acting from his body language and facial expressions in some scenes are just magnificent! But if he’s not there, then this movie is pretty much *nothing*.

And i’m being generous for that….xD


Calling You is a story about two people, separated by time differences, until the end of it, it really really reminds me of the movie The Lake House. Although i actually preferred this one over that. Featuring two young actor/actress, Riko Narumi (1 litre of tears) and Koide Kesuke.

Riko plays a girl who is shy, lonely, and apparently the only one in her class who doesn’t have a phone. yes, she doesn’t need one anyway if it won’t ring…you see. Becoz of her past trauma while playing piano, she became kinda quiet. suddenly one day, she picked up a toy phone and it actually rang. Okay, this part of the movie needs some imagination, if you keep on wondering how it happened with your scientific knowledge, well…you won’t find this movie that realistic and you wont enjoy the main point of the movie. so…scratch all those “realistic values” here.

So, she made mental connections with this guy who is deaf and dumb. I’ve never seen this guy acting before, but i gotta say, he has one of the CUTEST SMILE ever!!! yes! I really love his smile and his honesty. portrayed very very well here. And of course, Riko is good as usual.

I wont give more details further…but it’s a worh watching movie. I enjoyed every bit of it. And the ending was sad…if u can guess…by now. And also, i like the simple twist in the story…that caught me off guard…like i actually missed that part till when it was nearly revealed. ” I should’ve figured it out…”

Good soundtrack and excellent acting …you dont wanna miss this. xD

After Dark coverAfter Dark

Released November 7th, 2007 this will be the new opening for Bleach starting episode 143. So for Bleach fans, you might wanna look out for that. As for me, i’m pretty much clueless about Bleach, sadly. xD


1. After Dark
2. Yuigihama Kite

Yes, just two songs apparently. The first track starts with drum beats and then accompanied with short guitar riffs before going into the song. The melody is pretty catchy, but maybe NOT as catchy as their other older songs though. Even the chorus is not as distinct and that great. But the lead singer’s vocals as usual is strong, nothing to complain about for that section.

Second track, begins with blaring guitar strings…before lead vocal coming in, singing with this rather ‘bored’ sound. Yeah, he really sounds bored at that matter, but it’s just the style. But what draws me to this song though is the guitar riffs throughout the track. It wasn’t polished much, and pretty random, which sounds just fine. Out of the two tracks, i actually preferred this one than the title track. This track is much slower in comparison to the first. You can feel the emotion towards the end as the lead belted out.

OVERALL: 7.5/10
Personally, i think AKFG could’ve done much better than this. xD