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Shindo tells the story of two people, a usual…anyway, Uta (Riko Narumi) is a gifted pianist, coming from a not so well-off family, her mother sort of forced her to play piano, for the sake of her future (apparently). And she met a senior of hers who is trying to get into college through piano audition, it’s a music school. But he’s not as good and Uta sort of helped him boost his confidence…and he finally got in.

Uta on the other hand, isn’t sure herself whether she really wants to continue playing despite her liking for piano and music. she supposedly likes to play on her own will…not being forced. Then she begins to suffer hearing loss…But before she lost it completely, she was given a chance of a lifetime to perform in place of a famous pianist with the orchestra.

The story is pretty slow but it showed trivial things that matter. Although i’d have preferred some scenes cut off. I’m not sure whether it’s to lengthen the movie…or whatever, but if i were the director, i’d have cut them of.

I am impressed though by the two leads’ talents in playing piano. I’m certain by now that Riko Narumi does know how to play coz in the last two movies, i’ve seen her play. And that senior, he’s good too! He’s the one acting as L in Death Note i think…correct me if i’m wrong but yeah…

OVERALL: 7.5/10

The soundtrack is good. Ripple song especially the piano version is really touching! Especially watching them both playing together during the ending montage…really nice…


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