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With great reviews and responses…from forums and friends, i had huge expectations…

However…the ending kinda disappoint me. The storyline is a bit…of a lackluster for me, after having watched resident evil, this movie to me is just …not as good anymore. But what i liked in the movie is the relationship between him and his pet dog, which literally brought me to tears watching that touching scene.

But other than that, nothing else actually attracted me at all. Chemistry is near zero, except the one btw him and Sam(hisdog).

And i think he has one of the least lines in this movie. which is …kinda different if done the right way, but here, it’s just not as good. Will Smith saved the movie though, his superb acting from his body language and facial expressions in some scenes are just magnificent! But if he’s not there, then this movie is pretty much *nothing*.

And i’m being generous for that….xD


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