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Calling You is a story about two people, separated by time differences, until the end of it, it really really reminds me of the movie The Lake House. Although i actually preferred this one over that. Featuring two young actor/actress, Riko Narumi (1 litre of tears) and Koide Kesuke.

Riko plays a girl who is shy, lonely, and apparently the only one in her class who doesn’t have a phone. yes, she doesn’t need one anyway if it won’t ring…you see. Becoz of her past trauma while playing piano, she became kinda quiet. suddenly one day, she picked up a toy phone and it actually rang. Okay, this part of the movie needs some imagination, if you keep on wondering how it happened with your scientific knowledge, well…you won’t find this movie that realistic and you wont enjoy the main point of the movie. so…scratch all those “realistic values” here.

So, she made mental connections with this guy who is deaf and dumb. I’ve never seen this guy acting before, but i gotta say, he has one of the CUTEST SMILE ever!!! yes! I really love his smile and his honesty. portrayed very very well here. And of course, Riko is good as usual.

I wont give more details further…but it’s a worh watching movie. I enjoyed every bit of it. And the ending was sad…if u can guess…by now. And also, i like the simple twist in the story…that caught me off guard…like i actually missed that part till when it was nearly revealed. ” I should’ve figured it out…”

Good soundtrack and excellent acting …you dont wanna miss this. xD


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