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Directed by Andrew Lau, known for his previous works like Internal Affairs (HK), it’s his first time trying to direct an English movie. The movie’s about an employee of Department of Public Safety, Agent Erroll Babbage played by Richard Gere ( i have to say that’s a pretty quirky surname) *reminds me of cabbage* And he’s gonna retire in like 3 weeks 3 days (18 exactly) when he was given the responsibility to train his replacement through his remaining days at work.

So well, his female replacement is starred by Claire Danes (Little Women) as Allison Lowry. The movie is pretty dark and edgy as the director uses freeze frames and flashes right from the beginning till almost the end. It’s a thriller and mystery, so i suppose it’s appropriate. however it does get a bit dizzy and confusing to watch.


Agent Erroll has a problem of his own as he trails sex offenders across the country, looking for missing girls/women, and he got so into the job that he starts to lose his temper as well as rational (he carries his own gun around). And trainee Allison can’t accept his way of working around the suspects.

Overall, the movie is fine, it does get to the point although things seem a bit messy in the beginning as Erroll moves from one place to another interrogating suspects, which one of them is Beatrice Spell’s boyfriend. I just wanna say this, Avril Lavigne played a small role in here as the girlfriend of the suspected sex offender. She did a decent job, only has few lines, so it’s hard to judge her acting abilities with such a short screen time. But like i said, decent job. Her character though…apparently was killed in the end of the movie. Pretty gross way to die. *SPOILER* I think if i saw properly, her face was uh…peeled or just covered in red blood all over.Although i am sure that’s just a dummy, but still. yes, this movie’s filled with gross stuffs. Especially when they were hunting down these people who cut off girls’ hands and feet for whatever reason they have in mind.


This movie’s not for everyone. If you like thrillers, you might want to watch this. There are several scenes where they’ll get you all squirmy. But it does get interesting towards the end. A simple twist.


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